Friday, 16 February 2018

Hallo 2018

Hallo hallo!

I had forgotten about this blog but decided to have a quick look around out of the blue, aaaaand realised I was still receiving lots of comments and sweet messages from you guys -
 sorryyyyy for the lack of response/attention/updates! 

I'm not using this blog anymore, but feel free to follow me here
Instagram: noemienakai
Twitter: @NoemieNakai 

Lots of love and a great 2018 to you all!! :) 

Instagram: noemienakai
Twitter: @NoemieNakai 

良いお年を!!(2月にまだこんなことを言ってていいのかな?でも中国のお正月はちょうど今日ということでOK ? へへへへ)

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