Thursday, 30 March 2017

New website

Hello hello!!

So (one of) the reason I haven't been posting on this blog lately is because I was working on a new website, that is finally online, all bright and shiny!!
Here it is :

Blogs are great, but a little messy to navigate and hard to keep up to / keep updated,
so I thought moving to a "normal" website would be easier (= me being lazy on updating haha).
Anyhow, do have a look when you have time, and you're of course welcome to leave me comments or thoughts!!  :)

Otherwise, I'm pleased to announce (damn sounds like a very official engagement declaration) that I will be returning as Furuno for the sequel of High & Low. We already finished filming, and it's so much fun to be part of this giant saga and do stunt scenes.
The sequel will be called "High & Low: End of Sky", and is coming out this summer, August 19th. Stay tuned!!

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