Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Eeerm so.
Clearly I am not getting any better at this whole lets-keep-you-guys-updated / blog-social-network-managing thing.
Haha anyhow, hi to all !
Hope everyone is fine and surviving the heatwave (at least for everyone in Japan- summer here is always atrocious, I'm thankful I'm not a salaryman and have to wear long sleeves + suit every day...)

There's been a lot going on lately (and nooope, I'm not Pokemon Go-ing) for me, but still nothing I am allowed to publish here, so I guess posting just for posting is... well, meaningless.
But hey, look at this!
The interview I did for Jdorama is finally out. You can check it here:

I know, I know, it's all in French, so erm... I guess you can just stare at the plant behind me and zap after a few seconds hehe.
Simon, who interviewed me (and is the creator of Jdorama) welcomed me with homemade FOOD and DRINKS - that's just unfair. I'd do anything for great food.
So yeah. Clearly I look super happy in the video, and now you know why :P

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