Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Well hello there :) 
How's everyone?
It's getting hot and humid in Tokyo, definitely not a good time to be shooting, I'd rather spend the day reading books by the ocean, but then, who doesn't... ;) 

Anyhow, got cast for two new projects last month!
Just finished one last week, and I'm currently working on the next one. 
Still not allowed to say what exactly (or what at all) they are,
but both are cool families I'm happy to join and work with!

By the way, a new interview for the all-mighty Oricon (actually might not be that famous abroad..it's the company supplying to charts and rankings for all-things music/tv/etc here. Like you care...hehehe) is out; they were lovely, but I'm still not sure why they picked this picture of me basically eating my hair... and that huge spotlight behind, looks like some fullmoon scene of a very bad vampire movie hehehe.
Whatever, just posting a few pics I took from recent trips in oh-so-amazingly-dreamy-Paris and Seoul  !


And this is one of the dog (yeah there were two, plus loads of cats) from JapanFM, a French web radio about all things Japanese- just stop by for an interview, but the dogs were sooooooooooo adorable could have stayed for days ;) Someone give me a puppy?! :P 

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