Thursday, 7 April 2016

Spring updates

Hey there :)
How's everyone doing?

So, a few updates after a long hiatus (very Noemie-ish haha);
I spent a whole month travelling both in the States and Europe, and oh my, it felt so good.
I realised I like more and more photography, and am actually thinking to publish some pics I have gleaned from my trips. Anyone who can recommend me a good, compact, light camera? :)

Anyyyyyhow, I will be in two TV programs this month:
First guest starring in "Kasouken no onna", which has been going on since 1999, crazy eh?
airing mid-April on TV Asahi (oops don't have the exact time and date yet, apologies)

科捜研の女 テレビ朝日木曜ミステリー

And you'll also see me in "Futa mata", a new program by SuperNetwork,
where I went to Los Angeles with superfun Linda Dada,
and explored the city
airing April 8th 9-10am and April 28th 5:30-6pm

スパー!ドラマTV「Futa ♡Mata」

Finally, a completely random icing on the cake: huge news website MyNavi has chosen me as the new 2016 tv revelation. Nooow, absolutely no need to get on one's high horse, this is not (and far from) the Oscars nor anything official whatsoever, but still, its obviously a pleasure. So whoever wrote this article (a certain Kimura-san apparently), thanks and thanks! 
Here is the link

annd that's it for today ! farewell all :P 


  1. FUTAMATA見ましたよー♪

  2. That's such an wxciting news!! Keep up!!

  3. 科捜研も見ましたよー。

  4. ありがとうございます!:)