Thursday, 28 January 2016

Never let me go

 Hello hello there!
 How is everyone? :)
2016 was just so hectic for now, with the filming of Never let me go going on, finals at university, other projects going on, etc.
I spent January running around, panicking about deadlines, eating + working out + learning lines + finishing papers at the same time... wouldn't take much for me start timing my bathroom breaks haha.
Oh well. Let's just start afresh 2016 with February hehe!

Back to Never Let Me Go, we've wrapped episodes 4 and 5, and working on episode 6 from this week- and episode 3 is airing tonight!
After two episodes of childhood memories, we're moving on to teenage, then adult times, with all the drama it'll involve... keep an eye on it ;)
By the way, bravo to the casting for finding a young girl (the super lovely Emma) who looks like me; no simple task in Japan. What do you think?

 The producer's blog on the official website is also very funny, with many pictures and making-off videos. Alas it's in Japanese, but if anyone is interested, here it is! 

(just stealing some from his blog to give you a sneak peek hihi)

So here it is chaps!
Have a look at the episode tonight if you are in Japan, 
and if not, weeeellll.... have a great weekend, and if it's snowing where you are, 
enjoy it for me ! Tokyo is warm this year, mleh... :( 


  1. わたしを離さないで見ました!!!!

    1. ありがとうございます^^真実最高です!

  2. テレビで初めて貴女の存在を知りました。オーラがとてもあってとても魅力的でファンになりました。

  3. the drama was brilliant!
    it would be one of the best drama for me :)
    can't wait next episode :(
    Emma looks like you :)

    i'm a bit afraid of your future in the drama because you weren't in the hospital on episode1 and 3 although kyoko, miwa,tomo,hana were in the hospital.
    please live as long as possible. that's my hope.
    i love you, manami(truth)

    1. Thank you so much!!
      Wow you've watched the episodes closely. I'll take care of Manami, don't worry!

  4. 私もエマちゃんとノエミさんがそっくり!って思って違和感なくドラマに入り込めました。
    seiko.m V06

    1. 光井さん!ありがとうございます^^

  5. just watched episode 6… you're so amazing!! I miss Manami…(T-T)