Thursday, 1 October 2015


Wassuuuuuup world!!!
BIG apologies for, as usual, being very bad with updating this blog...
But honestly, it was summer, and who wants to stay instead stuck with a laptop when you can go outside, run around, tan, roll in the sand, drink on the beach, think about life, 
think about nothing, dive into the water...
so well, to make up here's a bunch of pictures of my summer!
how was yours? :) 

I went swimming with horses, which seriously is preeeeeetty cool. 

Then went to Okinawa (southern islands in Japan), 
which was nice, until the island got hit with a huge typhoon... 

 And finally went to Los Angeles to study acting for a month.
It was a whole month of only acting, rehearsing, and going to the gym, so pretty intense... 
But being able to focus every day on the thing you love is wonderful, 
and L.A.  offers many nice places to take photos - city of dreams! 

I'll promise I'll do better work on my blog from now on.
I hope everyone had a great summer too, 
and enjoy the autumn ! :)  


  1. I was wondering why you hadn't updated in so long~ Your summer looks a lot more exciting than mine was, but I found out I'm going to study abroad in Japan next March!! I didn't ride any horses though so I guess that's a bummer lol
    I finally finished Itazura na Kiss and now I'm super sad, it was my second favorite drama and it's over now :( so I'm just rewatching it again with my mom! Kinchan's kansai proposal was my favorite part of the whole show, if I ever get engaged I'll refuse any proposal that isn't like that haha I hope you'll be in another show soon, I need something else to watch now that Itazura na Kiss is over, what shows do you watch?

    1. Congrast for coming to Japan, I hope you will enjoy it!
      And glad to know that your mum is a fan too!
      Yes, working on another show now, will keep everyone updated!