Sunday, 5 July 2015


Hello there!

It's the raining season in Japan, it's grey, humid and super wet all day...
I went to South Korea last week and luckily managed to make it just before the start of the rainy season there too. Mllbherg. Just sucks the energy out of everyone.

Anyway, just a little post with some updates:
mainly worked for magazines recently, with some pages in Japanese magazine "ar" and also Vogue.
The Vogue one is tiny, just helped for the hair and beauty pages, but hey, it always feels GREAT to be able to say I've been in Vogue!!
I guess I'll just make a super wide copy to show to my kids :P hehehe.

Vogue July 2015 edition


how's everyone? 
any traveling plans for summer?
any dope bucket list?
anyone stuck in their hometown with endless work/study/depressing plans?  oh well...
I also did a  shooting I've wanted to done for ages, with a great team, and ethnic/ native Indian/ Norway-Russian princess/ Pocahontas ish  look. A complete melting pot of cool places :) 
Here are some pictures:    

And last but not least, a little fun from a wedding shoot! 
Exchanged outfits with the groom after the shoot... great times haha ! 


  1. Haha that last photo tho 😂. Maybe you'll have more projects on vogue in the future Noemie san! ~♡♡ I'm stuck at work so no vacation for me ;_; Goodluck on everything! *u*

    1. Aouch, hope you managed to get some days off!

  2. congrats on your progress! i'm so happy knowing that you'll always keep us updates with your recent activities. maybe you should starting a twitter acc and spam us with your interesting daily rants or anything? :) anyway, have a nice day! :)

    1. thank you for your comment! yes I did start instagram, you're welcome to look for me at noemienakai :)