Thursday, 4 June 2015

New TV series

What's up world!!

Sooorrry, as usual I am keeping this website as updated as I should....
Anyway, quick news:
I started studying for a master diploma at university (you gotta keep those neurones working right?),
and otherwise I am busy working on my acting (the more I work on it, the more the task seems endless/impossible... aaah.....but working on what you love is the best feeling ever!)
annnd the Tv series I filmed this spring is coming out!!

Here you go :

I guess the ones amongst you keeping up with Japanese tv or living in Japan must have heard of it, it's pretty big here, and it's a huge project for the channel's 60th anniversary :) 

I will be this and next week's episodes.
It's not a big role but we went filming in France, which for the huge cheese-lover that I am is just paradise.

Hope everyone is fine!!!



うん、以上です。暑くなると、ブログもさっぱりと終わらせたくなる気分 笑

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