Sunday, 10 May 2015

Tobu commercial

What's up people? 
Sorry for the lack of updates, not a fan of social media as you know ;) 
Anyway, a new commercial I did for Tobu Railway is out, and it's aired in almost all the trains in Tokyo and obv on TV - pretty cool! 
(yep I'm now done with the self-promotion-my-life-is-great-NOT time)

This is by far the favorite job I did last year, just because there is zero special effects whatsoever here, 
and we DID climb that HUGE mountain at midnight, -10℃, carrying all the filming material, 
and waited for endless super cold hours for the sun to rise...
aaand it didn't. Or at least it did, but it was so cloudy that we had to give up and climb again the week afterwards. 

Filming summer scenes at the beginning of winter is definitely NOT a good idea, 
but the nature was so amazing, and spending days in the middle of nowhere with no laptops/facebook/news, just waiting for the weather to change, 
was like some kind of great On the Road in Lord of the Rings scenery. (kiiind of). 

Hope everyone is doing great :) 


  1. hi noemie! whats your current drama/movie/projects you have been working on?

    1. hello there!! just wrote a post about my new drama :)
      otherwise working on some projects, but nothing i can publish about now :( ...

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