Saturday, 11 April 2015

Mister Donut - the return!

What's up world?

The new tv commercial I did for Mister Donut is out! Yup, Mister Donut again, and with Masaki Aiba from Arashi again, ho ho. I tend to be very cynical towards those idol / pop groups, but he was actually really nice.
Now to be honest, I'm in such a healthy/sporty mood these days, I'm not really into eating donuts, but... the team is always so cool, I actually l-o-v-e shooting for them haha!
Definitely need to stay away from those little sweet monsters though, they are so good I just couldn't stop eating them :P

Out of the blue, 150 dolphins were found half-dead on a Japanese beach a few days ago. Like, what?! No idea if it's global warming or what, but anyway, people who do not listen to the signals our planet is sending us drive me crazy.  Anyway.

Here's the commercial link!

とにかく、スポーツ&健康が大好きな私がドーナツのCMやっているのはへへへーーだけど、この撮影チームは、very very 楽しいので、また会えてとても嬉しかったな。
そして小さい頃はいつも数時間も連続メリーゴーランドに乗り続けたくらいメリーゴーランドの魔法を馬が好きだったので、なんかハッピー :) 


  1. Aww so cute!!! Hahaha. Please take care always Noemie san~ ♡

  2. Hi noemie! i was wondering if you have any social acc like twitter or instagram? cause im pretty sure there a lot of your fans are dying to keep in touch with your current activities. annd that includes me :) anyway, goodluck and all the best for your next project! Me always supports you! 😘

    1. hello there!
      no i don't really, but if i do make one i'll post it here!!
      thank you for the support ;)