Tuesday, 24 March 2015


March has gone so quickly,
I still feel we just celebrated New Years...
What has everyone been up to??
I just came back from Paris, for a new TV drama filming! It's only a secondary role appearing two episodes this time, but still, being able to film in the city of love and going back to my hometown for work was just extraordinary.

Anyways, the Spring/Summer look book for Marmot I did last year is now online on Marmot website :)  Here is a sneak peek!
Also I am super super pleased to announce that I changed representation and moved to a new agency,
the super duper Creem International, representing the fab Maggie Q, Mia Kang, etc in Japan.
Hope I'll be able to update you with great news soon !


  1. Dear Noémie!
    I watched yesterday the last episode of ItaKiss2 and you were soooooo beautiful in your wedding dress <3 Unfortunately the dorama is over... ;__;
    But I will keep following you at this blog. Did you ever consider having an official Facebook Fanpage? having a fanpage would be much easier I guess!

    Greetings from Austria ^0^~ (I am currently learning japanese, so ItaKiss2 helped me a lot improving my speaking skills too and I loved your englisch accent <3)

    1. Hey Mio! What a japanese-sounding name ;)
      Thanks so much!! No I haven't thought about a Facebook fan page, and I definitely don't want to create one by myself haha! But I'll check from times to times if it's created!
      Good luck for your Japanese

  2. Helloooo!!!!\(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノSorry I haven't left you any comments in awhile! (;´・`)> (But don't worry, I'm still you're #1 fan! (★´ω`★)ゞ) I'm so glad you're getting more acting opportunities but I love your modeling the most I think 。^‿^。Congratulations on changing agencies, I hope you're happy there!!
    I really like the Marmot pictures, I think they really fit your vibe~ 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) My favorite though is that photo shoot you did in the woods with that blue lake the clothes in those pictures really suited you~ (´▽`ʃƪ)♡
    P.S. To be honest I still haven't finished ItaKiss yet... (~_~;) I don't want it to end! But I'm glad it won a Dramafever award (I voted for it! (´ゝз・)─☆) and I wish I could've gone~
    George Hu was there, did you know? He's really cool, maybe you'll be in a drama with him someday~(*´▽`*)
    ε(*´・∀・)з゛βуё βуё”ε(・∀・`*)з

    1. Hello there, what a passionate comment haha!
      Thanks for always posting. Ah yes the photoshoot in the woods was magical, can you believe it's in Japan? Looked like some Lord of the Rings location to me.
      I hope you will like the last episode, and thank you for voting ;) I've never met George Hu, but maybe someday?

  3. Omg Noemi san!!!!!!!! Those pictures are so pretty!! I hope your new company will take care of you and hope to see you soon on more projects~ Have you seen the cherry blossoms yet? Please take care! I hope you still remember me ~ ♡ :D

    We love you! 😘

    1. Hello there!
      Yes, the new agency people are lovely, thanks! Of course I remember you :)
      The cherry blossoms were super, but it rained a lot so they were over pretty quickly...

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