Saturday, 25 October 2014

here and there

Hello October and hello you!
I know, it's been a while I didn't post, I just really feel more and more like we all get so addicted to social media and all, I try to spend some time outside, with friends, just living up the life before I get too addicted to my iphone haha... 
I have a bunch of news but not a lot I am allowed to post online really - sorry... 
So here is a job I did for Kuchen. It's a lovely shoot, very magical and out of time. 

Otherwise I suddenly thought I'd post some pictures of recent travels. I love photographing but usually keep those pictures for myself, so why not share a few time to time? Less egoistic and boring than selfies right? 

Seoul, Korea September 2014

Seoul, Korea May 2014

Con Dao, Vietnam August 2014

This post was becoming very lonely traveller / boring documentary / what on earth are those meaningless pictures are!? - ish, so I'll add some actual modelling pictures haha! 
Here are some shots taken in Seoul by a wonderful photographer, A. Faulk.
The theme was... Desperate Housewives meets Angry 60's Coworker? maybe? I don't know haha!! 
There are not many photographers I can say I admire both for their work AND their personality, but this guy was just delightful. Thanks Andy!! 

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