Saturday, 13 September 2014

Itazura na kiss - On air

Hey hey hey everyone!!

So the oh-so-long awaited on air schedule for Itazura na kiss - Season 2 is officially out :) 
It will air from November 24th on Fuji TV !
The first episode in Okinawa was also aired in premieeere this week, woop woop!
Did you guys had a look? 

Sneak peek of the official site ;) There's also a bunch of videos, on the page called "ムービー"
I know the on air date is in a while... but hey, the official page looks fantastic, and the more we wait, the better we will appreciate the series right? Haha ok maybe not. Whatever.

Speaking of me, I managed to take a few off in August to escape in Vietnam with my family, and I am flying in Korea tonight for several days of shooting and homecoming- so far so good! Did you have time to enjoy summer? Anyone went to the beach or camping?

I had a busybusy August / September, had several big and exhausting shootings for some movies and TV Commercial. But hey... it's always all worth it when it comes out!! ;) 

xxx to you a lllll 


  1. Ms. Noemi!! I finished watching itakiss love in Okinawa a while ago!! It's really amazing. It's a bit cliffhanging but I can't wait to watch you and the other casts on the full episodes of itakiss2. It's been a month since you had your last post. I keep on visiting your blog to check updates from you. Good thing you have one now. ☺ the trailer of itakiss2 and the website really teases me. Any way, Have a safe trip! Take care!

    1. Hello! Awesome that you already watched love in Okinawa, hoped that you liked it! Thank you so much for checking my blog so often, I am not a fan of posting regularly but will try more!!

    2. Yes!! I usually check your blog to see if you have some new posts and updates ☺ I am very excited for the full episode of season 2!!! I can't wait to watch the progress of kinnosuke's love life (which obviously involves you☺) doki doki!! ☺

  2. I am so excited for season 2~ Gaaaah I'm jealous T^T I spent my summer in the office. Enjoy Korea! Visit Namsan tower and try spicy rice cakes hihi. Take care Noemi san~ I missed your updates~ ♡ xoxo

    1. Aouch sorry to hear that, take care. Korea was really good thank you! :)