Sunday, 15 June 2014

Last days

Hello hello :)

Today we shot the last-big-final-climax scene of Itazura na kiss.
Lots of laughs and lots of tears...
Although the beginning of season 2 is very light and fun, Chris's character becomes more and more complex and there are more and more dramatic scenes, which was soo interesting and challenging to play. Can't wait for you all to watch the series!!
Tomorrow is Chris and Kinchan last day on set, and I'm already missing everyone and everything!
Bouhhhh... :'(

 This bakery close to the shooting set made this pastry especially for the whole Itakiss team!!
There's also a version with Kotoko's face, it's on her Twitter. It was sooo sweet. 

Anyway, I went to several castings after today's shoot, and all the running-around plus the summer's heat is just so exhausting- I love castings, but I'm such a perfectionist, I get very frustrated when I feel like I didn't prepare enough or could have done more.

Advertisement for Hairclear new nail and hair site. I look way younger ;) 
But most of all my head is FULL of football at the moment- I can't help it, I'm such a football addict!!! I know I should concentrate on work, life, friends, whatever, but really, World Cups are only happening every 4 years right!? Haha.
France is playing tomorrow morning before dawn, but I'm definitely setting 5 alarms to be sure not to miss it.
Anyone watching football? ;)

Sometimes I just want to jump onto some random train for the beach and run in the waves :)

Nice beginning of summer to you all!! 


  1. Wiiii. Can't wait for season 2!! ♡

  2. Please take care and I hope you visit the Philippines soon! ♡

    1. Thank you!!! Yes, fingers crossed we'll get to travel!

  3. コストコプレッツェル!?覚えてますか?




    1. もちろんです!!最高の差し入れでした!!

      またよろしくお願いします :)

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