Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Final day

Sorry for the late update!!

We officially finished shooting all the scenes of Itazura na kiss 2 last week,
and had a closing party last weekend with all the staff and cast.
The whole shooting took 4 months (although I wasn't there all the time)- time fliiiies when you're on set, but now that I look back, the first days of shootings seem like forever ago.

Anyway, here's a small drawing I made to thank everyone-

I was stuck at home today with fever, so I quickly drew this. It's obviously copied from Chris' in the original manga, do not think thatI have some super-talent and  can draw this kind of stuff out of nowhere haha!

そういえば先週でイタキス、オールアップ&クランクアップ、そして一昨日は打ち上げでした :)

Thank you to all the staff, both on set and in office, to all the cast, awesome as always, and to all the fans for your support-

Hope you will all enjoy the show!!



  1. Reichel Ann Fuentes24 June 2014 at 10:05

    YAY!!! The drawing is very cute ~ ^3^ Can't wait for season 2!!! Hihi. I wanna see you as Chris already >< :3 Please take care!

  2. P.S I hope I can see you when I go to Japan ♡ hehehe

  3. Get well soon Ms. Noemie! Nice drawing! Kawaii! I'm so excited to watch Itakiss 2 and I also want to see you portraying Chris and your love story with kin-chan as well! I hope it will be broadcast very soon! take care always!

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  5. cute drawing ♡♡
    i can't wait
    What time is show drama?

    1. thanks!! I don't know about the time yet, sorry!!