Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Electric summer nights


つい最近までカンヌ国際映画祭をずっとフォロアーしてたのであまり睡眠時間取れず、ワールドカップも始まったら徹夜するつもりなので、今のうちちょっと休もう :P

相変わらず演技と歌のレッスンを毎週、ジム毎日、続けてます :)



PH: T. Pierre Kikuchi 
MUA: S. Atoguchi
She put some backstage offshots on her blog ↓↓↓

I like this time of the year, right before the hardcore - super sweaty -can't escape the heat-ish summer, when you know that crazy time of the year is about to come. 
Days are longer, skins gets darker, eyes lighter, heartbeats faster, people more electric, nights more crazy. I've always been a winter kind of girl just because I hate having to work sweating like a cow, and having to run around all day in a city as humid and energy-sucking like Tokyo.
But seriously, summer when you can go to the beach, chill with friends eating fresh fruits or jumping in the water, talk until morning under the stars about everything and nothing, just wearing some colorful shorts, loose tshirt and golden sandals all day, feeling like the kings of the world and like youth is forever?
Boy, those days are awesome.

Not that we all have long summer vacations like we used to ... (aah those highschool days...).... 
but still, it's that feeling when you are going to bed and can't sleep because you know somehting awesome is waiting for you the next day.  

So yeah, I did this shooting in the busy streets of Ginza at night the other day- it was supposed to be all chic- highfashion- classy ish, but then we all got this summer-electric-fever, and it suddenly became some kind of crazy-happy-exotic nonsense. I love it even more ;) 

I've had a busy week full of shootings (new campaigns and ads this summer! stay tuned ;) ), but this week is pretty chilled, so I'm just gonna focus on my acting and singing classes, workouts, and tackle that pile of DVDs and books in my room.

Hope everyone is fine!!
Lots of love :) 


  1. Even in high school.. summer isn't that long for me haha
    TT . TT )

    Summer was very brutal this year!! Plus the AC at my school broke so its like a living hell!

    Well, I hope you have a nice day!
    (sorry for writing randomly lol)

  2. Hello, thank you for your comments!
    Summer is gone now, hope it will be better at your school!