Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Grand Hyatt / Fukuoka

Aaaah have been so busy last week, didn't have time to post anything- apologies!!
I flew south to Fukuoka for 3 days for a wedding photoshoot for the Grand Hyatt -
my dad's family is based there, so it was awesome to get to chill at "home" before work, plus staying at fab Grand Hyatt wasn't bad neither :P 
It wasn't hot enough to swim, but it just felt so good to be able to escape from crazy Tokyo, walk on the beach without skyscrapers and deadlines in the horizon, and enjoy early summer and superfresh super healthy food. 
 Seriously though, I still can't get used to how TIGHT those wedding dresses are. I always swear to myself I won't do wedding jobs/ or if I do won't eat for 3days (=impossible hohoho) /will do MY wedding in sweatpants , but then I see the pictures of the shooting and suddenly it all seems like worth it haha.... 
can't wait for some more jobs outside of the city.
need some air, need some nature and faraway adventures!! 



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