Friday, 14 March 2014

TV Series- ドラマ

Hello sunshine!!!
It's starting to get all warm and springy here in Tokyo,
making it sooo much easier to wake up in the morning, especially as I've had had to wake at ... (argh) 5 am (gloups) every day recently...
but thats all for a good cause, as I've started filming TV series in Japan, yeaay!!
I can't tell what/who/which/when/where series it is (booooooring) until it's aired yet,
but it's the second season of some series that was very big last year,
and got broadcasted all over Asia! muahahahaha.

Still 3 months and 400 pages of scrip to go (d-a-m-n), so it's basically the very beginning of the adventure yet, and to be honest I'm not completely accustomed to the character / workload / whole atmosphere yet, but it's always great fun to meet new people and take on new challenges,
so mleh!! can't wait to tell you all what it's about!!!

happy easter (not yet), happy last skiing (ah yeta thats for me, i'm having a day off soon ho ho ho ) and stay tuned !!  xxx

あと3ヶ月&台本400ページ、気合いx10(?!) で頑張ってます。こんな長期の仕事は久しぶりだけど、やっぱりただ単のモデルより、ちゃんと役作りできて、長期にキャラクターの変更を演じられるのは幸せだな。

そして、3月14日に渋谷/原宿にオープンしたIROYA というアパレルのショップとサイトの広告やってまーす。海外風セレクトショップで毎月テーマ色がを決めるコンセプトで、ファッション好きな人にはvery coolかもね ;)


  1. Hello! It's so exciting that you're going to be on Itazura Na Kiss 2!
    I can't wait to see you play Christine :)