Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Second Season Movies

去年12月に、誕生日の日に撮影したSecond Season という新しいオーガニック化粧品のHow to 動画です。
でも好きなことをやるためですので、睡眠時間0でもハイテンションで頑張ります :D

How-to video promotion I did for a new Japanese make up brand called Second Season - it's all organic and super gentle for the skin, exactly the kind of products i'd use!! Plus the shooting was on my birthday and the oh-so-nice staff bought me a champagne bottle .... after a whole day of shampoo/conditioner showering, I got to do chaaaampagne showeeeeer!! hehee. ;)

シャンプー/ Shampoo [英語版]

ローション/ Face lotion [英語版]

そしておまけで撮影中の一枚を :P 

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