Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Digital Garage PV

さてさて、今年は午年ということで、馬達主役の、公開さればかりの Digital Garage Concept Movie をアップします!!
Concept movieなので CMよりながいので、映像をたっぷりエンジョイしてください!! :)

Finaaaaally, I get to publish to you guys the video we shot in Mongolia last autumn-  all the stars/ sky / sunrise footage has actually been shot there by an amazing cameraman who spend a few days in the middle of the desert at -20 degrees to capture the beautiful nature! The music is by Ryuichi Sakamoto,  awesome Japanese composer who, well- he doesn't even need to be introduced anymore does he?! We had a fantastic time on the shooting- I just had to ride across endless landscapes while the freezing staff were strapped in a helicopter filming us from the air hehehe. 
Hope you enjoy, and an awesome 2014 full of dreams (year of the Hoooorsee!!) to you all!! 

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