Friday, 30 November 2012

Sony Tablet S

One of the first PV I did in Japan :) 

Sony Table S

Tablets/ phones/ electronic whatever are always so haaaard to shoot because of all the light reflection problems on the screen. Plus the shootings usually take place weeks/months before the products actually come out, which means that it's no (at all..) ready yet hehe... 

Bleh, here it is! And nah, I didn't get a tablet for free. And nah, I don't get free clothes when I shoot catalogue/fashion neither. The only thing I actually got was color contact lenses, which look sooo awkward/ creepy / Halloweenish on me that .. well, they're still in some box of some drawer in some room that could be the bathrom although it couuulld also possiblyyyy be my room, but...
 Oh well,  you got the idea. 

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