Thursday, 31 January 2013

マツモトキヨシ CM オーガニックシャンプー アルジェラン 30秒

Booom!! This is actually the first proper (as in, not standing in the far-faar background or only having a few cms/inches of my foot appearing 0.03seconds) TV commercial I did in Tokyo!!

It's for this superduper huge make up/ sanitary / pharmaceutical/ whatever else you can think about Japanese group, that collaborated with this super cute/ natural/ fresh/ tiny British brand to make an organic shampoo.

マツモトキヨシ CM シャンプーアルジェラン

Organic shampoos are actually pretty rare in Japan, where most of the products are suuuper doped with collagen / random chemical stuff, so was nice to be able to work for it. We got to spend a few days in the countryside (Nagano prefecture) and shoot in the middle of the nature, while having awwweeesome traditional food cooked by super nice very countryside-ish ladies, chilling in hammocks on wooden terraces and looking out for deers in the woods...

Aaah, i just love when we're able to get out of the city.


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